Rotator Cuff Tear of the Shoulder

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that forms a common tendon that helps to stabilize the shoulder. The rotator cuff can tear either by tissue degeneration over time or from an acute traumatic episode. Sometimes the rotator cuff tear will be due to both of these factors. Rotator cuff tears can lead to pain and/or weakness in the shoulder.


"For the better part of the last two years I was limited to being a bystander and not an active participant in many sports and activities that I enjoy. Under the advice of a family friend and doctor I was referred to Dr. Marx at HSS. After Dr Marx had examined me as well as my MRI and x-rays he gave me two options, therapy or rotator cuff surgery. I found comfort in a surgeon who gave me the option of not having to have surgery as the first option. After realizing that my shoulder was to badly damaged I opted to have the rotator cuff surgery. Dr Marx laid out what to expect from the surgery as well as the recovery and following therapy, and never left any of my appointments until all of my questions were answered in full. Dr. Marx was also right on that six months after surgery I would be between 90 to 100% and he was right on. Thank you to Dr. Marx and your great staff for making a difficult time a whole lot easier. "


~ Kevin A. Ridgway

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